17 June 2011

The Vampire's teather

I have always needed a little bit of attention
I think I don't know who I am
I only know the things I don't like
And from these really strange days, the dust keeps hiding away in the corners ...
This is our world ...
What is too much ... is never enough
And the first time is always the last chance ...
Nobody knows where we got to: 
The assassin's are free, but we are not ...

Let's got out ... but we haven't got any money 
All my friends are looking for a job 
We are back living like we used to ten years ago 
And every hour that goes by ...  we age ten weeks ...

Let's go, it is OK. I just want to have some fun 
And forget this night ... just have a nice place to go 

We delivered the target and the artillery
We compare our lives
And hopefully one day
Our lives will meet again

When I saw myself scared of living with me and the world
You came to my life as good dream ... 
I am not perfect 
I never forget ...

We are so rich 
But nobody can see it ...
And thinking about it all, me, a grown up man  ...
Was so afraid that I could not sleep

We compare our lives
and I don't feel sorry for anyone

Renato Russo

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